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About the location

Miraflores Miraflores was part of the ancient land the Spanish conquerors took the first half of the century 16 where they founded the City of Lima in January 18, 1535. Between 200 AD and 700 AD Miraflores was an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the so called Lima Culture that first occupied the land. The Huaca Pucllana or Huaca Juliana is a great landmark of that era - an adobe and clay pyramid built by then Miraflores dwellers. The place is about a mile (less than 2 kilometers) from the apartment so you can walk to from. But it was not until 1857 more than 300 years after the Lima foundation that Miraflores was declared a district. Miraflores was first named San Miguel de Miraflores after Saint Michael The Archangel, the Prince of the Heavenly Host. Miraflores is a composed word - "mira" meaning "look, see, watch" and "flores" or "flowers." Miraflores was always a good place to live in the Peruvian history and in the past half-a- century it became the most active district for commerce, business and tourism when the Old Lima Downtown progressively deteriorated.  Alcanfores The leading street in Miraflores is Larco - a 12-block avenue that starts on a cliff (the West) and ends at Ovalo Miraflores (Miraflores Circle in the Kennedy Park) in direction to Lima Downtown (the East.) Alcanfores Street runs parallel to Larco Ave. just a block away on its Southern side. There is no such a street on the Northern side of Larco. So for all practical purposes Alcanfores Street would be the Second Larco Ave. of Miraflores - and the apartment is just in the middle of both Larco and Alcanfores, the heart of the district. At the end of Larco Ave. (or for this purpose, Calle Alcanfores) you will find Larcomar, the most flashy shopping mall of Peru where you can have a coffee, drink or meal while seeing the Pacific Ocean some 100 yards (meters) down the cliff or parapenting riders sightseeing the coastline from air. By the way, Alcanfores is one of those weird names Spaniards founders gave to their streets that still preserves that legacy nowadays. The street name means “camphor.”
Top Class Full Apartment In the Heart of Miraflores, the Business, Flashy District of Lima, Peru Top Class Full Apartment In the Heart of Miraflores, the Business, Flashy District of Lima, Peru Alcanfores St House Rules Reserve FREE Amenities Video eMail to Owner Things to Do in Lima
The Building in a picture taken on a Sunday. On lower left is Doña Paulina a well known place for chicharrones in Miraflores - some 10 yards (meters) from the apartment. Try a chicharron sandwich with salsa criolla in a French bread with dripped coffee - it’s one of traditional dishes mostly for breakfast in Peru.
Many places for a coffee break on Alcanfores Street.
A Gallery, Domino’s Pizza and other fast food places two blocks away from the apartment. The Atlantic City Hotel and Casino is at the background.
Lunch or dinner with a good wine at El Condado - 2-and-a-half blocks away the apartment.
An Aerial View of Larcomar - Check the red dot for a glance to the location of the apartment covered by the big building which is the luxury Marriott. The Fiesta Hotel and Casino on Alcanfores Street - Just two blocks from the apartment. Good live music and sports events on a very big screen. The Vivanda Supermarket - Two blocks away. An excellent place for the first groceries shopping. If looking something less expensive try Metro, some 2 blocks away on Benavides Ave.  Check Antares Pub for some jazz break. Handycraft store on Alcanfores. The big Indian Market is 5 blocks away this place. The Parque Kennedy - Five blocks away of the apartment. Check the events every night and on weekends. The Punto Azul restaurant (Seafood-based Peruvian cuisine) and the Barcelona 360 (Spanish-Peruvian food) are just half-a-block from the apartment. Alcanfores St