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The owner as an Associated Press correspondent in Washington, DC - Took an early retirement to swap importance for trascendence so he can devote more time to his private life and work independently on his parallel passions to writing - video and photography.
PUERTO BARRANQUILLO - During my visit to this remote village of the Kandozi people I set my laptop on a small table of the town’s bilingual school to backup my photos. In a minute I had some 30 local dwellers looking at my laptop from my behind - it was the first time they saw a laptop ever and I was the first reporter to reach their place. The Kandozi are mostly hunters and fishers and most of them speak no Spanish. Their Western style clothes come generally from missioners and international NGO’s or outside merchants that exchange clothes for fish or game. Puerto Barranquillo is located on the left bank of Chapuri River in the so called Pastaza-Morona Spectrum where the largest lake in the Peruvian Amazon, the Musa Karusha or Rimachi Lake, is their most valuable asset. So they (sometimes armed with shotguns or poisoned darts)  bravely control the incoming and outgoing traffic over the lake in the Upper Pastaza River, some 50 miles from the Peru-Ecuadorean border. The story of my 4 trips to that community can be found in The Kandozi People, a 45-min video documentary in Spanish, English and German told by themselves not a Western host.
I'm a former reporter of The Associated Press in Washington, DC, on early retirement. I worked on assignment in more than 30 countries so I know international places, people, hotels - and of course what travelers look while on a trip. That may give you a clue about the strong connectivity in place in the apartment – just to start. If you are a business person, a reporter or tourist coming to Lima on assignment or for pleasure I can even provide you some contacts for your events in Peru and, of course, this beautiful apartment to enjoy a peaceful and safe area in Lima. If you are also concerned about trust on  homeowner please book in confidently - I have gotten clearance from major agencies in Washington including a hard pass to the White House. I bought this street view apartment because it's in the middle of everything. You won't need to ask for places - you would probably see them and walk toward to. Just 1 block from Larco Ave., and 0.5- 3 blocks from top class restaurants, pubs, casinos, bars, boutiques, drug stores, shopping malls and everything else - this apartment is for you.
At Convention Center in Singapore during an annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank.

You will be met by a traveler too ...

I get in touch with guests many times through email and telephone before their arrival to the apartment and of course at the check-in. After that my policy is to be not intrusive while they occupy the unit and exhort guests to behave like if it were their own apartment. The check- out day or the night before if their departure is very early the following day I talk guests again. The check out day I even become a tourist guide by taken them to a ride for some place they would no expect to visit - and a barman by preparing them a Peruvian Pisco Sour (a spirited drink made of traditional Peruvian Pisco) as a way to say - Thank you! and come again.

...and sometimes a barman or

tourist guide

Canadian students
A Brazilian family
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