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Plenty of natural light, fine art paint, flat LED TV set, small desk to work or read privately, wi-fi, alarm clock, large closets, glass jewelry, flash light, ceiling fan, electrical heat radiator. Own out-of-room bathroom that is also shared with visitors. Queen size bed sleeps 2.


Imperial chair and loveseat for extra rest, fine art paints, fresh air and natural light, flat LED TV set, radio clock alarm, flash light, safe box, telephone extension for local calls, handset to respond calls from building main entrance with button to open door; ceiling fan, electrical heat radiator, drawer with large mirror, glass jewelry, and powerful wi-fi. Queen size bed for 2 people. Full of closets and inside-room large bathroom.
Also fine art paints at this bathroom entrance.


The smaller of the apartment, Bedroom 3 is for 1 person only especially a youngster. It features a flat LED TV set, wi-fi, small desk, chair, floor fan, and in-room-bathroom. Also hand made paints on walls, and alarm clock/radio. No adult channel in cable TV service in all rooms in the apartment.
The smaller bedroom’s bathroom also features a shower, mirror, lavatory and toilette. The person that stays here enjoys a privacy you would find in a hotel larger room. Please see in background a window that allows the sun light inside.
Master Bedroom (Click over photo)
Bedroom 2 (Click over photo)
Smaller, Bedroom 3 (Click over photo)
In-room bathroom gives you an extended privacy.

Photos of the cozy apartment

The Living Room as seen when you leave the bedrooms area. Your first impression in the morning would be one of a beautiful, peaceful place fully of natural light. This is also a smoke free apartment.

The Kitchen

Basket of fresh fruits in the Kitchen is an upon arrival feature for guests staying at least 7 nights only.
Please mouse over the pictures - some will pop up with more details.
Dining table - Peruvian wine, fresh flowers & Danish cookies for 7-night stay.
The Building
The elegant Dining Table seats 6 and is a feature for all renters - Wine, cookies & flowers for 7-night stay only.

The Living Room

No sleep is allowed on the sofas.

The Entertainment Center

HD cable service does not carry an adult channel
Dining table - natural flowers, wine & cookies are for 7-night stay.
Fresh fruits - Some guests ask for their preferences.
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